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1) By default this application works as a digital news paper and the registered profile published publicly if not selected checkbox "Never Show My Profile Publicly" below during registration.
2) Please take a note that this website is being used by wider section of people across all religion and community/subcommunity. Please provide your preference and expectations clearly in the "Partner Preference" below during registration.
3) Give Information Accuratly.
4) Don't try to register multiple times. Please contact support team for any issues.
5) Name should match the name in Photo Id Proof and Community Certificate.
6) Don't attach photos with cooling glass and photo should match person in Photo Id Proof.
7) We are just providing a platform for bride and groom to contact each other. Its bride/grooms or their family's responsibility verify the details of the applicant before going into formal engagement or marriage.
If your information is not accurate your profile will not be listed and we may delete it.

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