Hindu Bride - Lakshmipriya, Murugan

                Detailed profile of Lakshmipriya, Murugan

Lakshmipriya, Murugan
Age 27
Education B Arch
District/City/Country Chennai
Caste 24 Manai Telugu Chettiar
Sub Caste Sadhu Chetty 8 Veedu
Rasi Kumbam
Star Avittam
Company, Work Location Livspace, Chennai
Monthly Income in Rupees 70000
Mobile Number 7200804698
Family & Other Details
I have created this profile for my elder daughter Lakshimipriya. We are a nuclear family of 4 members settled in Chennai. My younger daughter is working as a software engineer.
Partner Preferences
Well educated and working in a renowned organization with good salary. Coming from good family background and values and good personality. Expecting from 24 manai telugu chettiar only.